Why you should try YogaiSH!

....because you deserve it

I believe we are all individually responsible for looking after our own physical & mental health.  Its not a luxury to feel good......we start to truly live when we feel better.

Unfortunately 1 yoga class is not going to create the equilibrium that the human body needs. 

So.....you must find a class, teacher, style that resonates with you and your goals in order to look forward to your weekly/daily practice.


🌟 My Style 🌟

Over the last 10yrs my classes have positively impacted 100’s of lives.  Maybe it’s my super cool personality! 😜 Or maybe it’s my inner geek that combines a technical yet nurturing approach to teaching!! Who knows!! 

I’m not a classical yoga teacher, I don’t use Sanskrit, chant or have any sound bath skills but I am devotedly passionate about the human body and it’s capabilities.

Knowledge really is magic these days, so in class I combine information with movement.  I also like to mix things up, do things that aren’t in the books and play ‘non yoga’ music! 

During my time as a teacher I have developed my own style: it brings you innovative body conditioning with slick sequencing and knowledge, to hopefully spark your ultimate health journey 💚

Try one of my single online classes to get a taster before joining unlimited.


Life is a continuous lesson. Some times we sail through the day and others we survive it. Yoga teaches us that we don't always have to arrive at the final destination/pose in order to develop and grow. All you must expect of yourself is to turn up and give it your best go! 

My practice is not perfect but it's consistent.  

A diligent patient practice honours the body and calms the mind.


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A Journey into the Future your Body Deserves

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