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'The Future Your Body Deserves'

Kind of Yoga but Not


Become your own Teacher

Do you move with control? Passion? Expectation? Eagerness? Patience? Regularity?  


I pass on any information I have to anyone who is interested and willing to listen!  I don't want to just teach you and send you on your way. I want to arm you with the knowledge to know when you are being fed 'BS'! 

I want you to be able to make awesome decisions about your own health and movement. Your life isn't going to change by spending one hour a week with me but it 100% will change when you start to spend quality time with yourself and learn your bodies language. Yes....your body does speak to you....you just don't know how to interpret it yet!


Limitless Movement

Musculoskeletal biomechanics are under our conscious control. Subconscious physiological responses occur when you think. Simply put...this means that you require your mind to move! 

YogaISH will ask you to be present both physically and mentally. You don’t have to show up on “top form” (whatever that is!), you just have to be “In The Room”!



Life is a continuous lesson. Some times we sail through the day and others we survive it. Yoga teaches us that we don't always have to arrive at the final destination/pose in order to develop and grow. All you must expect of yourself is to turn up and give it your best go! 

My practice is not perfect but it's consistent.  

A diligent patient practice honours the body and calms the mind.

What clients say....



I have been training with Michelle for around 7 – 8 years now and cannot recommend her highly enough.  She has the ability to be precise, knowledgeable, technical; yet warm, nurturing, encouraging, supportive and compassionate.  Her level of detail in understanding yoga postures is exceptional, and Michelle’s creative approach and being able to tailor to your needs is second to none. Anyone attending Yogaish with Michelle will not be disappointed by her genuine, grounded and generous approach to teaching,  she is a true treasure of the Yoga world. 

(July 2018)




What a great teacher Michelle is . When I first went to her class I knew nothing about yoga and was a bit nervous however I was made really welcome by Michelle and her smile and reassurance. I have learnt so much from her classes and really look forward to them .



Challenging yet invigorating class today with Michelle. Deep flow and reset. I love how she teaches us about the science of the body during class. Really helping you to understand what good you are ACTUALLY doing to your joints, muscles and brain. From the relationship between breathing and recovery, to why you feel the burn and what to do to rest and allow your beautiful body to take over and do its thing. She explains the benefits of every move and position but also how important it is to take time for yourself. I learn so much. I came in feeling a little ‘upside down’ but I have literally come out with my heart smiling…another lesson Michelle brought to class today!

(April 2019)



I have been practising yoga at Michelle's classes for two years and have learnt so much about my body and mind - just love it! She is extremely professional, friendly, approachable and has a sense of humour. Each practise incorporates every part of the body and no session is the same. The classes are always packed and we all speak highly of her fantastic practise. She will take time to help with any questions, and give advice for any aches and pains. Thank you Michelle 



 Amazing classes and teacher, my daughter and I have been attending Michelle’s classes for years and we love every second of it. I have learned a lot, my body has changed and I can do things I couldn’t do when I was a teenager! My way of thinking has changed. Yoga is not my fitness regime anymore, it’s my lifestyle, daily routine, pain relief, mindfulness, the way to start the day in the morning with open heart, open mind, positive thoughts and energised body. Thank you Michelle.

(sept 2018)



Michelle doesn't just teach yoga, she opens your mind, challenges your abilities and inspires you to improve.   She is knowledgeable, experienced and a general delight. I wish I could do more of her classes. 

(July 2018)


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A Journey into the Future your Body Deserves

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