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What to Expect in Practice

Rough format!

I find it difficult to describe what I do, I am much better at just showing you.

However,  my classes follow a rough format:

FOCUS  -->  HEAT  -->  FIRE FLOW  -->  'CARPE DIEM' (challenge!)  -->  "SHAVASANA" (ISH!)

FOCUS - we put ourselves 'in the room'

HEAT - we mobilise and ready the muscles and mind

FIRE FLOW - we move a lot, using powerful flows to create that all important space.  The flows will be specific to the 'challenge' section of the practice

'CARPE DIEM' - this is where we push our comfort zones.  We will push the fear limiter that holds us back,  we might test our bodies against gravity or we might simply test our strength.  You are in complete control and your practice will pendulum.....this is where diligence becomes apparent

"SHAVASANA" - mindful chill out

You Will Need

A Mat


A towel (to mop up!)

Any blocks, straps etc you want to bring

An open mind & body

Thats it!


Listen to your body - it will guide your movement

A Fire Flow...

...sneak peak!