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Exploration not Expectation


A class is not always the best environment for you to find your movement potential. My classes are full of fun, mindful, movement but it is not specific to each individual. It is simply not possible to give enough unique correction in the time frame that a class format allows.

1-1 Tuition is sometimes the magic ingredient to the movement pie!

A 1-1 session is great for new movers who want to get moving but are either unconditioned or have very little body awareness. It is also great for current movers, who are trying to hone their practice or work on something in particular. 

The instructions in class can be a bit overwhelming and can cause bad movement patterns if misinterpreted and executed poorly, without correction. As a class teacher, it is important to me that you perform the exercise in a safe way for your body.  Our body’s do not all look or behave the same way. There are times when I have been unable to explore the movement of a client within class and therefore have ended up recommending a 1-1 session. In this session, we both dive into your current movement ability. Through exploration of your body patterns you will learn your strengths and weaknesses and together we find ways to bring harmony to your body. 

Our bodies should not have to engage combat mode whenever we ask it to move…..rather we should be able to lay down all defences and allow the joy of movement to sing throughout the body. Our skeleton has been so darn cleverly put together, with each joint moving in its own beautiful way…all you have to do is keep it doing its thing!

Yoga is NOT about flexibility and being ‘bendy’. Your body must be efficient. Efficient in weight bearing and moving. That efficiency is developed over time when you regularly practice movements that develop the body’s natural functions.

I have worked with many clients on a 1-1 basis for over 10 years. I began in the PT arena and have now moved over to YogaISH! I have experience with arthritis, lupus, thyroid dysfunction, injury rehabilitation, all postural misalignment and lifestyle related aches/pains etc, knee/hip/sacroiliac joint dysfunction and probably more that I have forgotten! I also have experience in life coaching. I have chosen to educate myself over the years on all things health related, how our bodies and minds work and ways to combat this modern lifestyle we live in. I do not just give physical instructions. You cannot deal with the mind and body as if they were separate. You are one unit that requires unison, for you to feel better and ultimately live more.  Your movement is a huge piece of the pie but sleep, diet, meditation, mental health etc all deserve your attention. 

You do not need to have 1-1’s forever. Use them as a tool to learn the language your body speaks. Only you can truly decipher what your body is telling you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if you could understand what the niggles, aches, fatigue, insomnia is telling you? 

I teach all 1-1's in my home studio.

If you are curious at all please click on the link below to contact me.  I will call you back and we can discuss if I am the right practitioner for you.

Happy Moving

Michelle x